Tips to know before you go & scroll down for the spots you can visit this 2023 season!

Tips for Strawberry Picking

What should I do before going Strawberry picking?

Strawberries are affected by weather, by the season, rain and cooler temps will affect supply. Make sure there are enough berries to be picked. Always call or check social media before you go. For some U-Pick locations you need to book online to reserve your spot before you go. Check below for all the info on how to plan your next Strawberry Picking Trip!

What should I wear to go strawberry picking?

Wear close-toed shoes, you will be walking in the dirt and amongst the rows of crops and it can get muddy. Make sure kids wear clothes that can get messy, expect strawberry stains for when doing a taste test in the field. Wear a hat and sunscreen as there will be no shade while picking.

Are strawberry fields stroller friendly?

Most places are not stroller friendly with the rows of strawberries being pretty narrow to walk in between. You can most likely take your stroller through the dirt paths to the picking fields but once you are within the fields a stroller wont be able to fit through the actual rows for picking.

What should I look for when picking strawberries?

When picking strawberries look for firm bright red berries – strawberries will NOT ripen after they are picked. This means that the white strawberries will not turn red after they have been picked, so encourage your kids to find the bright red ones.

How do I pick strawberries properly?

To pick the strawberry grasp the stem and even give it a little twist just above the berry to get the strawberry off. Do not pull from the red part of the strawberry, this may bruise or damage the berry.

What should I do after I have picked my strawberries?

Make sure to not put too many strawberries in one container as this can smash or bruise them. For most places, once you fill your basket you will bring your strawberries to be weighed at time of purchase and pay per pound picked. Then keep berries in the shade in your car or a cool place to have them last longer. Do not wash your strawberries until you are ready to eat them & keep them in the fridge or you can freeze strawberries to have them last longer.

Where can I go strawberry picking in Orange County?

You can U-Pick strawberries at these four Orange County locations: The Original Manasero Farms in Irvine, Tanaka Farms in Irvine, South Coast Farms in San Juan Capistrano and The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano.

Check out more information about each spot below.

4 U-Pick Strawberry Farms in Orange County

Manassero farms is a place in Irvine part of Orange County CA where you can go strawberry picking

The Original Manaserro Farms in Irvine

33 Irvine Valley, Irvine, CA 92604

The farm stand, herb picking & play area open daily – Reserve your spot online now to go strawberry picking!

Call (949) 554-5103 or check their Instagram for strawberry picking updates.

This is a great spot to take littles strawberry picking! As you enter you will walk through the farm stand – while you are there ask for a basket for picking strawberries. There is a really cute play area for kids with ride on tractor toys, swings, pretend play farm stand, small slide and more! All free to play during your visit, bring quarters for the kids ride on machine. Restrooms across the way as well as a gift shop and picnic tables. You can even pick fresh herbs while you are there and grab fresh fruits and veggies on the way out.

When you are ready to go strawberry picking you will see the entrance in the back to enter the fields. This is a short walk, you can bring a stroller along the path and onto the fields. Once at the fields you can walk through the rows of strawberries for picking. Stay in the section selected for picking (they will let you know when you first pick up your basket) and then pay at the farm stand which is on the way out, when you leave.


Free parking

Strawberry picking ticket (to enter the fields and pick strawberries) is $12 per person which includes access to the strawberry fields & one strawberry picking container (holds about 1lb of strawberries) additional containers to pick more are $7.50. To just enter the fields is $4.50.

Plan your visit

Current picking hours are 10-4pm daily. Online reservation required, Book your spot today!

Check Social Media for Updates

Tanaka farms is a place in Irvine part of Orange County CA where you can go strawberry picking

Tanaka Farms in Irvine

5380 3/4 University Dr, Irvine, CA 92612

Strawberry Picking Tours begin March 13th 2023!!

if you are looking for an over all memorable strawberry picking experience & you love farm animals then book a U-Pick Strawberry Tour at Tanaka Farms. Tanaka is famous for their delicious, sweet and juicy strawberries!

U-Pick Strawberry Tours include: a wagon ride around the farm to learn about the farming methods and history of the farm. You will see how fruits and vegetables grow! Make a stop to pick a seasonal vegetable and then stop at the strawberry patch where you can pick and eat strawberries! Everyone will take home a one-pound basket of strawberries. After the tour, visit the Barnyard Educational Exhibit where you can meet and interact with barnyard animals.

Restrooms near the entrance, The Tanaka Grill is available on weekends & there is also a Produce Market Stand & Gift shop open daily 9-5pm.

Monday – Friday: Tours depart at 9:30am, 11am, 1pm, and 2:30pm (Tanaka will sometimes add later afternoon tours if they have enough ripe berries to pick.)

Saturday & Sunday: Tours depart at 9:30am, 10am, 10:30am, 11am, 11:30am, 12pm, 12:30pm, 1pm, 1:30pm, 2pm, and 2:30pm

*Produce picked is based on crop availability and can change daily. If they do not have enough ripe strawberries to pick you will pick 3 vegetables instead

Organic Growing Methods

While they are not certified organic Tanaka uses all organic growing methods, which includes practices such as crop rotation, companion farming, and the use of compost and organic fertilizers in the soil. They also make use of OMRI (Organic Materials Research Institute) approved pesticides, which is permitted under most organic licenses. If one of the crops is in danger of failing due to an infestation or other natural occurrence they will use a low grade synthetic approved pesticide, but relatively low in environmental and biological toxicity.


$20 per person Mon – Fri (Children 2 & under are free but do not receive items picked) & $22 per person Sat & Sun

Free for military (active, retired, veteran) – must show ID

Free parking for strawberry tours

Plan your visit

Book your timed spot online before you go

Check Social Media for Updates

*Some info & images from Tanaka Farm’s website

South Coast farms is a place in San Juan Capistrano part of Orange County CA where you can go strawberry picking

South Coast Farms in San Juan Capistrano

33201 Ortega Hwy., San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Plans to open the 2023 strawberry picking season in May! Follow their social media for updates.

Family farm in Orange County since 1997!

If you are looking for a more traditional, no frills, strawberry picking experience set with gorgeous mountains in the background, than this family run farm is for you! South Coast Farms is located off Ortega Hwy near Caspers Wilderness Park (hike, playground, nature center) and within in Tree of Life Nursery – close to Rancho Mission Viejo. We suggest wearing close-toed shoes that can get muddy and even pants to protect your legs while you walk through the rows for picking. Grab a basket while you are there or bring one from home and walk along the rows in search of ripe strawberries. Fill your basket and pay per pound as you leave. Also check for other vegetables that may be ready for picking during your visit. As you drive out you can stop by the Tree of Life Nursery to learn more about what grows best in OC and even purchase some California natural plants.

Organic Growing Methods

While South Coast Farms is not yet certified organic, all their produce is grown without pesticides and fungicides. They farm organically and are currently working on the paperwork to be able to be certified organic. They use crop rotation and beneficial insects, they are pesticide free and non-GMO, they use no sprays at all!


$5 for Parking

$6 per pound of strawberries picked

Plan your visit

Strawberry picking open likely in Mid-May 2023

Check Social Media for Updates

Ecology Center farms is a place in San Juan Capistrano part of Orange County CA where you can go strawberry picking

The Ecology Center

32701 Alipaz St, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Currently booking Strawberry U-Pick!

If you are looking for certified organic strawberries then this is your spot! Come visit this 28-acre Regenerative Organic Certified farm. This working farm serves as an educational center for sustainability with hands-on classes and workshops you can join. Click here for their events.

Follow the field guide as you stop at 3 stations that reflect the theme “Somos Campesinos” or “we are farmers”. This represents that we are all farmers – collectively we farm food, community, art and culture.

Once you have completed the tour, you can visit the You-Pick Strawberry Fields to pick organic strawberries. This is the only Regenerative Organic™ strawberries available in Southern California. Enjoy strawberries straight from the vine knowing they are free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Visit the store on the way out for great eco-friendly products and gifts, fresh fruits and veggies.

Campesino Cafe coming soon!

Organic Growing Methods

The Ecology Center’s organic produce is free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides. They are also the only Regenerative Organic Certified® farm in Orange County this means that their products meet the highest standards in the world for three standards: soil health (they add organic matter to the soil in order to build greater health and fertility with each season), animal welfare (this includes ensuring animals’ safety, nutrition, comfort, suitable shelter, and space to roam) and farmworker fairness (providing a safe and supportive working environment).


Thursday and Friday – $7 per person
Saturday and Sunday – $9 per person

Tickets required for all children and adults 2 and up

Pay by the pound ($7) for the strawberries you picked (you are welcome to bring your own basket)

Plan your visit

Strawberry Picking Tours available Thursday through Sunday – 9:30am-1pm

Book your tickets online

Check Social Media for Updates

*Some images & info from The Ecology Center’s website


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