As exchanging products and buying & selling goods on FB marketplace, Craigslist, OfferUp, Letgo & other platforms continues to increase – it is important to take steps to ensure your safety.

That is where Safe Exchange Zones has come in!

Parking spaces at Police & Sheriff’s Stations and other parking lots around OC will be converted (hopefully soon) into Safe Exchange Zones or Community Meetup Spots. These locations will have 24/7 video coverage (with police officers close by) to help make exchanges safer to the public.

People can meet to there to exchange online sales and pick up/drop off children in shared custody.

Here are some tips from the Irvine Police Department to stay safe while making a transaction:

Buena Park

Buena Park’s Safe Exchange Zone

6640 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90622

“Two parking spaces adjacent to Beach Boulevard in the North end of the Police Department parking lot, designated as an area These spaces are clearly marked by signage and reflective lines on the asphalt.  This area is well lit and under video surveillance, which should help deter potential scammers and other criminal activities associated with on-line purchasing activities, as well as help make child custody exchanges less challenging.” – Buena Park Police

*images from Buena Park’s Police Department Website

Here are some playgrounds close by:

Rick Gomez Park .6 miles away (2min drive)

Charles A. Lindbergh Park .9 miles away (3min drive)

William Peak Park 1.7 miles away (4min drive)

Boisseranc Park 1.8 miles away (6min drive)

Here is an indoor play center close by:

  • PlayPie .7 miles away (2min drive)


Here are some playgrounds close by:

Chapman Park 1.1 miles away (4min drive)

Rolling Hills Park 1.7 miles away (5min drive)  

Pearl Park 1.7miles away (6min drive)


Irvine’s E-Commerce Exchange Zone

1 Civic Center Plaza, Irvine, CA 92606

Look for parking spaces marked with signs in the first row of parking spots closest to the building, they are well lit & have 24hr video surveillance

*image from City of Irvine’s Facebook page

Here are some playgrounds close by:

Bill Barber Memorial Park – entrance into the park is on the other part for the parking lot – follow the paved path – short walk to the playground or drive to the closer parking lot (off San Juan & Harvard) to the playground .04 miles (3 min drive)

Sweet Shade Park .9 miles away (4min drive) This park does has plans for renovation to become an inclusive playground

Plaza Park 1.3 miles away (4min drive)

Lake Forest

Lake Forest’s Safe Exchange Zone

20202 Windrow Dr. Lake Forest, CA 92630

Look for the designated parking spaces, this area has 24/7 surveillance & is outside the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

*Images from Don Wagner’s Facebook Post

Lake Forest Sports Park playgrounds are very close by:

Lake Forest Sports Park (smaller of the two) short walk to the bigger playground

Closest indoor play place:


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