Oso Creek Trail

Oso Creek Trail Oso Creek Trail Oso Creek Trail Oso Creek Trail Oso Creek Trail Oso Creek Trail Oso Creek Trail Oso Creek Trail Oso Creek Trail Oso Creek Trail
Trail Features Creek/River, Dog Friendly, Picnic Tables, Stroller Friendly

Oso Creek Trail:

Paved paths for a family walk, scooter or walk the dogs. There is so much to explore from a playground with tall slides, soft sand and swings. There is the butterfly garden, hedge maze, brightly painted tunnel, bear statues & dino footprints. Around the park you will find a lot of art and mosaic tiles, various bridge over the creek and open grass. There are even times when the park is visited by the Caring Fairies!

Also keep an eye out for painted rocks as they are commonly found along the trails here!


Three main spots to park as you enter on Veterans way, follow it along to the end and you will see a sign for Norman P. Murray Community and Senior Center.

  • Playground & stroller-friendly entrance onto the trails: Once you pass the sign take a left and you will be at the closest lot to the playground. Walk past the restrooms to find the playground. You can also follow the path with a ramp there through the baseball fields to get to the trails.
  • You can park in front of the community center by passing the sign and going right. This will be the closest to the bear statues & Bocce ball courts. You will have to walk either left past the playground to enter the ramp down to the trails or go right to the end of the fields and take the stairs down to the trails.
  • Or you can continue on past the community center to the parking lot here with open grass and paved paths, close to outdoor fitness equipment as well as stairs that lead down to the trails.

You can also park at The Potocki Center (separate entrance from the other parking lots) you enter off La Paz and drive up Thomas R. Potocki Center for the Arts. Parking right next to the center but you will have to walk towards La Paz (the same way you drove in) and look for a paved road entrance on to the trails. This would be the most wheelchair/stroller friendly entrance to the trails.

You can follow the trail all the way to or from Pavion Park Playground. Follow along the Jeronimo Open Space Trail and into the Oso Creek Trails. This would be a far walk and you would need to walk along Jeronimo Road part of the way & turn onto Arbolitos and then onto the trails.


  • Restrooms located near the parking lot by the playground or additional restrooms within the Community Center
  • Picnic tables near the Oso Viejo Community Park Playground as well as past the playground towards the bear statues, there are picnic tables in the shade.

Oso Viejo Community Park

Oso Viejo Community Park Playground with tall slides, swings and soft sand and picnic tables. Just past the playground on the right you will see shaded picnic tables. You will find the baby bear statue surrounded by seating as well as over the bridge you will find the mama and baby bear. Just up the stairs is the Community Center. Follow the path to see the water bottle filling station & Bocce Courts and then covered outdoor fitness equipment. If you continue on you will find an open grass area and stairs down to the trails.

If you take a left from the playground you will find the baseball fields and a path down to the trails.

Painted Tunnel

From the playground with tall slides, soft sand and swings to get to the newest addition to the Oso Creek trail – the painted tunnel – Pass picnic tables in the shade and the Community Center (restrooms inside). Continue on the path and you will find a baby bear statue near a set of chairs and then Mama bear and cub statue. Continue on past the Bocce Courts (when courts are not in use you can reserve them). There is also a spot to fill up your water bottle here. Follow along the paved path and you will pass the outdoor fitness equipment and murals along the way. You will see a set of stairs at the end and take them down and cross the bridge and go left to find the tunnel. If you are looking on map, the tunnel goes under Jeronimo.

Hedge Maze

Best way to get there is to park by the playground and follow the paved path inbetween the baseball fields or take a left from the playground and take the path down. Make a left and then go right and you will cross a bridge, then go left and you will see a large tree and a dirt path, this is where you will find the Hedge Maze!

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