It's Foam Time

It's Foam Time It's Foam Time It's Foam Time

It’s Foam Time

It’s Foam Time will bring their Foam Cannon, aka The FOAMINATOR, to you and create continuous Foam for your guests, you and your family to go crazy in while the Foam collects into a GIANT pile of hypo-allergenic safe and super clean, dense bubble FOAM PARTY!

Foam can pile up as high as SEVEN FEET, but they try to keep it below kid shoulder height, creating a giant pile of bubble fantasy wonderland every child goes crazy for! Meanwhile they play kid-friendly dance pop tunes (original artists, never Kidz Bop) to get the party going!

Is Foam Safe?

The foam is completely safe and non-toxic, as well as plant-based, organic and gluten-free! It consists of mostly water with two all-natural foaming agents which are also found in organic soaps, like Seventh Generation. 

What is needed to have a Foam Party?

Set up is quick and easy. All It’s Foam Time needs is access to an outdoor faucet and a normal plug for electricity within 50-75 feet. If those things are easily accessible, they can set up in as little as 15 minutes (though they usually arrive 30 minutes before your reservation) so we don’t disrupt your festivities at all.

How do you clean up?

Clean up is simple, the foam bubbles pop to leave no mess!



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